Equity theory of motivation Essay

Equity theory of motivation Essay: This theory of motivation is based on the assumption that people’s motivation within an organization is established on their desire to receive equal and fair treatment. It explains how people tend to compare their value with that of other people in the same work situations on the basis of their outputs and inputs. Inputs refer to what an individual brings into the case, for example, their skills, education, and time. Output refers to what an individual gets in return, and this includes salary, a bonus, a promotion, or a raise. I find this theory of motivation less effective compared to the other theories for various reasons. 

For one, this theory bases motivation of employees in an organization with the desire to be treated fairly and equally; this means that when an employee who is motivated by equity theory views that their level of input or output is equal to that of his or her colleagues then their motivation fades away. There is no much motivation left in them to change the situation (Career Guide).

When an employee in an organization realizes that there is inequality at their workplace, they will do anything to achieve equality. Imbalance in this situation means the ratio of input and output fails to match that of another person in the same setting. Therefore, equity theory suggests that an employee can decide to increase or reduce their amount of input and output to achieve equity.

When there is inequality in an organization, an employee changes the view of their work. Thus, according to this theory, an employee can go to the extent of arriving late at work and leaving early. Because the employee will be motivated by the desire to be treated fairly and equally, this theory justifies their lateness at work as compensation for the inequality. I think that this theory brings more harm than good since, in an organizational setting, salaries may be determined by different factors that not all employees may possess (MSG management).

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