Chapter discussions and answer questions in a minimum of 150 words each

2 pages double spaced

Subject: Psychology

Paper Format: APA

Sources needed:2

1. For your initial post,  Chapter discussions and answer questions in a minimum of 150 words each.

Discussion 1

Chapter 10: Daseinsanalysis vs. Psychoanalysis; Critique of Freud

  1. What are the philosophical, therapeutic, and practical strengths and weakness of these 2 approaches to psychotherapy?
  2. Do you agree or disagree with the critique of Freudian ideas presented in this chapter?

Discussion 2

Chapter 13: Religion vs. Natural Science on Mental Health; Schizophrenia: A Disorder of Self?

  1. What are the tensions between the religious vs. natural science interpretation of mental illness; the Hippocratic system and the system of modern Western medicine; the biological versus psychological interpretation; and/or the psychoanalytic versus behaviorist interpretations?
  2. What happens to the self in Schizophrenia? Is the psychopathological core of schizophrenia a disorder of self?

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