Argumentative paper on the political, social, and economical effects

Argumentative paper on the political, Each student is responsible for (1) a 6-7-page paper on an approved topic related to either the Era of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-1945, or Freedom Summer book. Students are required to use at least six secondary sources, including journal articles and books for this paper, which explores one of these two subjects. The broad topics of your paper can vary, including,

1) FDR’s creation of a liberal government;

2) the strategies and tactics of activists and local people in the Freedom Summer campaign;

3) how did the government mobilize the U.S. for unprecedented war;

4) how did the media cover Freedom Summer?

You should establish three-four subordinate questions that will guide and inform your project. For example, a research paper topic may be the evolution of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, 1959-1972. Subordinate questions may include: “What were the key drivers for U.S. involvement?” “How did involvement escalate from ‘advisory’ to a protracted war?” “What domestic organizations and leaders discouraged war in Vietnam?” You determine what questions you will answer about your chosen topic. Papers will be graded on clarity of argument, the evidence used, citation of sources, punctuation, and grammar You must cite your sources in the text: do not simply provide a list of sources at the end of your paper. Be sure to use your TA for assistance to clarify your assignment if you are unclear.  You can also speak to me. These six sources are in addition to the book on the subject.

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