Application in Fire Research Unit 4 Journal

Application in Fire Research Unit 4 Journal



You are designing a study to explore post-traumatic stress following gruesome or high intensity calls for service in your fire department. You intend to use non-participant observation in your study. Describe the issues that might affect your data quality when collecting data through this method.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.


Short Comings of Using Non-participant Observation as a Method of Data Collection

Non-participation observation as a method of data collection has many weaknesses that might lead to unreliable data quality. There are high chances of biasness. The observer will draw a conclusion based on their inclination and view. This can also be termed subjectivity of this method of data collection since the data recorded is subject to the theory and opinion of the observer. Another core shortcoming is the issue of time-consuming.

Data collected through observation methods requires a lot of time, not only during preparation but also in the actual activity in the research activity. The observed populations are, in most cases, likely to change their behavior when they realize someone is monitoring them.

This will render the observer’s false impression, making the data collected unreliable. The possibility of having unstructured data is very prominent with this data collection method.
In some cases, also the observer may be overwhelmed with data sets analyzing to be cumbersome.

Finally, there is a lack of validity as the researcher cannot ask questions during the time of the data collection. From the outline disadvantages of Non- participant observation method of data collection in this paper, it is clear that the data collected through this manner will be unreliable based on the quality of data collected.


Application in Fire Research Unit 4 Journal
Application in Fire Research Unit 4 Journal

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