Employees Satisfaction in Firefighting Organization

Application in Fire Research FIR: 4308 Unit 3 Journal



Consider that you want to conduct a study within your fire department to measure firefighter satisfaction. How would you operationalize satisfaction? What indicators of satisfaction would you measure? In which way(s) would you measure each variable with an appropriate measurement scale? Justify your decisions.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.



Employees Satisfaction in Firefighting Organization

In qualitative research, the information often collected from the sampled population is descriptive. Therefore, after developing the concept, there is a need to operationalize so that it can be measurable variables in my internal research within our organization to determine firefighter satisfaction as the concept.

Five satisfaction indicators are considered in this situation, namely, Not satisfied, slightly satisfied, satisfied, very satisfied, and extremely satisfied. In this case, measurable variables are drawn, i.e. salary levels, casual-administration relationship, promotions, and bonuses based on merits.

A nominal scale will be used to classify the individuals based on the levels of payments either low, average, or highly paid workers. From these, salary ranges can be determined in dollars thus easily measurable.

Another variable is the relationship within the organization which through the use of ratio scale can be equated using the number, for instance, the number of people that gives the employees their due respect against the sect that show their attitudes to be otherwise.

In the case of promotions, a ratio scale will be used to compare the individuals that are promoted, against the individuals that are not since this affects the concept of satisfaction. Finally, the interval scale can help to determine the ranges by ranking the extend that one can receive bonus pay, the eligible, and those that are not.

Application in Fire Research FIR: 4308 Unit 3 Journal
Application in Fire Research FIR: 4308 Unit 3 Journal

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