Application in Fire Research Unit 1 Journal

Application in Fire Research Unit 1 Journal



Why do you think the formal research process scares so many who work in emergency services? Are you intimidated by it? What reservations do you have about research after reading this unit’s lesson and textbook chapter?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.




Why Formal Research Process Scares So Many in Emergency Services

Despite the available materials and resources where individuals can obtain substantial information on research a lot of individuals are still scared of formal research processes. The reason for this research phobia can be summarized into three key issues that are involved in the overall undertaking of research work. Many people fail to understand some basic concepts that are key to carrying out a particular research exercise.

First, there are insufficient research skills and a limited understanding of the activities involved in it. Moreover, these individuals don’t understand the three basic perspectives of research such as application, objectives, and the inquiry process which determine its typology.

Another stumbling block to many is the failure to understand the correlation between the field of study and the type of research that can be carried out within the niche of their subject area. This makes it hard for some to determine when to adopt applied or pure research.

Finally, the other factor making research scary to a certain group of individuals is the paradigms that form the basis of any particular research, failure to understand the required techniques, methods, and terminologies that should be used in carryout given research.

Although many seem to be in the fear group, I personally am not intimidated by research. This is due to the fact that after going through my first chapter of the course material I can clearly see the foundational information that is key to effectively carrying out research activity. In addition to these, the presence of my professor and the overwhelming accessible tutorials can help me gain any information that I need on research.

Finally, having gone through this unit’s lesson I have reserved some key information on the processes or perspectives which determine the type of research to undertake within a given sphere of study. Developing research questions with respect to the field or purpose of the research among others.

Application in Fire Research Unit 1 Journal
Application in Fire Research Unit 1 Journal

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