Essay On Beowulf Character Analysis

Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis, Beowulf is an old epic poem that’s one of the most remarkable works in English literature and an enormous adventure story.

While it’s set in Scandinavia in the early 6th century, and this poem was composed in the UK somewhere between the 7th and the end of the 10th century.

The poem concerns the heroic deeds of Beowulf character, a Scandinavian fighter who offers his outstanding services to King Hrothgar of Danes to assist defeat a ferrous monster called Grendel who has terrorized the state.

He defeats the monster, and when she comes to avenge her lad’s death, he also kills Gredel’s mother. Beowulf returns to his kingdom, where, lastly, he becomes a ruler. In his last years of life, he has fatal confrontations with a giant dragon that threatens his state.

This epic poem was written in Old English, but it’s normally read in translation since changing in language significantly over time. There’ve been several translations. 

In this blog, I’ll look at Beowulf and the characters analysis around him.

Beowulf character analysis

Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis

Beowulf is an independent and strong character. People go to him when they’re in desperate need of anyone with the fighting ability and ultra human strength. He is a warrior, hero of the old English epic poem, Beowulf.

He is not only a fighter, but he’s also a prince of the Geats. Beowulf was mentored and taught how to rule wisely by the King.

The dragon is defeated in the poem, but it costs his life. He is unaffected by what the dragon does to Beowulf because he saved many, and that’s all that matters most to him. Though, he fights an inner conflict.

Beowulf is constantly fighting for what he believes he can do. The dragon character is supernatural and has features no human should survive from, but he still believes himself to handle the dragon.

Beowulf has slayed several monsters in his era, so each time he’s faced with another, he desires to defeat it better than the previous. He doesn’t possess the give-up trait, and he never identifies when enough is enough.

This attribute makes Beowulf a hero, a warrior too many, but ends up being his worst enemy. This deadly flaw is what makes his life after the poem.

Other Beowulf Charters Analysis 

Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis

King Hrothgar

He is the 2nd main character of the poem, living in peace after uniting the tribes at battle with his ancestors. Hrothgar is the 2nd son of King Healfdene and younger bro of Herogar, who ruled Denmark.

Hrothgar is a brave, honest, and generous king and has won several wars to bring peace to his land. When Grendel terrorizes his loving people, Hrothgar extends his assistant to King Hrothgar. 

In this old epic English poem, he is well-known for building the Heorot where Grendel killed Danes.


Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis

He is a giant monster who lives in a lair near Heorot. Grendel is described as being 4 times the size of a man, his form part animal and part human. Grendel and his mom supposedly descend from Cain. 

Weapons, armors can’t wound Grendel, so Beowulf has to cut up the troll’s hand to conquer it.

Mother of Grendel 

Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis

Mather of Grendel is a 2nd antagonist in the epic tale. She does not have a name but is usually addressed as a giant monster and mother of Grendel.

Grendel’s mother attacks Heorot hall to get revenge for her beloved son’s murder. Beowulf is once again assigned to find her and discovers that she is alive in a cave below the lake and stuck in a 9hrs fierce war with the mother of Grendel. After knowing that his weapon, Hrunting, can’t kill the mother of Grendel, he finds an ancient sword and used to kill her. Despite worth, it’s extremely interesting that the author of the novel has not named her.

The Dragon

Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis

It is the final antagonist in the poem, who becomes the reason for Beowulf death and almost damages the Geats race. Grendel appears when Beowulfis old and had been ruling Geats for years. He has bought happiness and peace to his beloved people.

Though, 1 day, a slave enters the lair of the monster and steals its cup. The monster wakes up and begins burning homes, killing all in the way while seeking the thief.

Beowulf takes his thanes and starts searching for the monster. Lastly, he finds it in its hut and fights him with a very young companion, Wiglaf. He is deadly wounded after killing the monster and dies.


Wealhtheow a Queen married to the Hrothgar to maintain peace among her kingdom and her mother and father. She’s the friendly host who praises the warrior Beowulf and asks him to advise her sons. She counsels King Hrothgar that he’d adopt him, but his nephew should be named heir to the throne.

Scyld Scefing

This is the old mythic ancestor. As with every epic poem, the time of the novel exists in an epic past. It’s disconnected from authentic history. Scyld Scefing examines who ushers in a great time of Danish culture and the action of the tale.


Though Unferth is a small character, he proves to be a great foil to Beowulf. He’s the son of Ecglaf and follows King Hrothgar after him. Not just is the poor fighter, but also many chivalrous codes of the time.

In the starting, he appears to be very jealous of Beowulf upholding moral wroth and demonstrating high boldness. Beowulf the hero later accuses him of killing his bro after facing taunts about losing the swimming battle against Breca. Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis

Though, Beowulf gives a correct account of that swimming clash. He also tries to teach him a perfect lesson and indirectly makes Unferth realize his big mistake. Later, Unferth shows his kindness by awarding his family a sword to the warrior – Beowulf.


He is a trusted partner and a cousin of Beowulf. He helps him defeat the monster when the rest of Beowulf’s men hide and run. In his last moments, he gives Wiglaf his batter armor.

The tale ends before we know his future, but because Beowulf has not proclaimed an inheritor and Wiglaf perceive the heroes as weak, he predicts battles, doom, and slavery for the Geats.


He is a minor character in Beowulf, yet extremely vital, as he is the father of Beowulf. He was engaged in tribal feuds for killing many from the enemy tribes.

Ecgtheow sought refuge with King Hrothgar and paid indemnity. Beowulf later servers King to show gratitude and repay the generosity shown by King and assist his father, Ecgtheow, also a proud son.


This character is only discussed in the epic novel and is exceptionally vital. Grendel and his mom are said to be Cain’s descendants.

He is also the brother of Abel, whom he kills, and Beowulf states him as outlawed for the King had cursed as a penalty for killing Abel.

Other Geats


She is the wife of Hygelac, the beautiful, very young, and intelligent Queen of the Geats. She is contrasted with Modthryth.


He is the uncle of Beowulf and the King of Geats, and the husband of Hygd. He warmly welcomes Beowulf back from his country.


He is Beowulf’s friend, whole he is defeated in a swimming clash; Unferth alludes to the tale of their contest, and Beowulfthen narrates it in detail.

King Hrethel

The King of Geats took Beowulf in as an award after the death of Beowulf’s father.


A wicked queen of legend who punishes anybody who looks at her wrongly, Queen’s story is told to contrast her big unkindness with Hygd’s reasonable and soft behavior. Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis


He is the nephew of King Hrothgar. After King Hrothgar’s death, he betrays his cousin Hrethic, leading to the burning Heorot.


Hygelac and son of Hygd. After Hygelac dies, Beowulf supports him as boy Ruller of the Geats, although Beowulf could have taken the throne himself.

Scyld Scefing

A founding, Scyld Scefing, the 1st king in the Danish Royal range, he’s Beow’s father and the great grandfather of King Hrothgar.


She is the daughter of Hrothgar, and the future life partner of Ingeld, the charm of the Heatho Brads. Her marriage life is an unsuccessful attempt to make peace among the feuding Heatho brads and Danes.


In the tale of the fight at Finnsburg, he is a king of Frisian who marries the Danish princess Hildburh but then wars and kills the brother of Hildeburh, Hneaf.


In a tale of a fight at Finnsburg, the wife of Frisian and sister of the Danish King Hneaf, when these 2 kinds fight, she is caught in the mid, and both her son and brother are killed. Essay On Beowulf Characters Analysis


The Danes Kind in the tale of the fight at Finsburg, Hildeburh is his sister.

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