IT role profile short essay specification

Information Technology Project Manager Profile

IT project manager is part of the organization managerial team, which deals with the organization and integration of functional projects dealing with information technology. They act as Overseers through coordination of both the professional and administrative departments. Their primary duty is to ensure the project moves from inception through the various infancy stages until its completion. They delegate responsibilities to technical staff intending to meet the desired goal (Schwalbe, 2015).

Specific responsibilities and the role of an IT project manager

  • Software and the hardware requirements analyst
  • Must have specific technological solutions in meeting the IT needs.
  • Oversee the general security of the IT project systems.
  • Formulate and direct IT strategies, budgets, plans, goals, and policies
  • Offers management and organization of all the phases of the information technology project
  • Offers IT operational directions such as system developments, system maintenance, and operations

Entry requirements for an IT project manager

-Thorough knowledge of the industry.

– Excellent communication skills.

– The ability to offer a solution to possible industry problems.

Technical skills needed

The technical skills that an IT project manager must have include: –

  • Thorough understanding of IT architecture, infrastructure, and standards
  • Must have strong and reliable technical skills.
  • Accountability and good negotiation skills with the
  • Must have the ability to communicate in technical and non-technical terms.
  • Prompt decision-making and scheduling.

Generic skills required

– Must have leadership skills

– time management

-Effective team player

-Ability to deliver good work, even under pressure.

 Qualifications needed and experience required

– One must be a degree holder from any recognized institution of higher learning in the following disciplines-Bachelors of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology.

– Must complete a certification in the field of management from a recognized institution

– For one to be employed in a firm as an IT project manager, they must have experience of at least three to four years in the actual field of information systems operations. IT role profile short essay specification

Pay and conditions for IT project managers

Starting salaries/salaries -IT project managers’ salaries vary from one company to another, and from different countries. However, the average range of payment, according to Glassdoor, is $88,397 per year, which is almost the same as the payscale estimated amount of $89,018 per year. Supply and demand shifts can also result from increasing and decreasing salaries. IT role profile short essay specification

Working hours: The working hours will depend on most cases with the company running the project and the urgency the project must be complete. The agreement and terms of service also may dictate the working hours of an IT project manager

Career opportunities

There are many carrier opportunities for individuals with a relevant degree in the line of IT expertise. Some of these opportunities emerge in:-

  • There are opportunities in internet servers
  • Building and maintenance of computer systems
  • Computers.


Schwalbe, K. (2015). Information technology project management. Cengage Learning.

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