Challenges Faced in Trying to Develop an Effective Research Question


What are two strategies that you plan to employ in this class to narrow the focus of your topic for your research proposal in Unit VI and VII? What challenges do you think you will personally face in trying to develop effective research for this course? Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

A Beginner's Guide to Starting the Research Process

The Strategies and Common Challenges Faced in an Effective Research Question Development

This second unit of research course focuses on reviewing of literature, and for the
formulation of effective research problems and questions. Through it, I have learned two main
strategies which will help me in the development and narrowing of my research topic. The first
one is a thorough review of the already existing literature on the same subject. This will help me
to know what has been done and the part which is not yet exhausted. In close examination of
the literature already written on a given topic will to a great degree not only help to specifically
pinpoint the topic but also to generate the idea itself. Another strategy is the examination of the
academic field or my area of specialization this will help me to dissect the subject area into
subareas making it easy to narrow down to a section under the same umbrella of the discipline.
In this pursuit of a specific research topic, there are expected challenges that will be
associated with it. The most common of them all is the consumption of time. When developing develop an Effective Research topic, there must be a wide range of literature in which I must look into to avoid
the incidences of repeating an already done work or to avoid plagiarism with is unethical in
education. Through doing this, a lot of time which might not yield expected returns will be
required to go through these materials seeking relevant information.
Another challenge is the cost of obtaining the literature. There are instances that articles
are sold by the authors or publishing sites this makes it hard to acquire as many materials as
possible which are sufficient to back up a particular topic in a niche of the subject area. Finally, the
need for a thorough knowledge of the subject area may prove to be a challenge to me based on my
level of academic pursuit I still don’t have sufficient information in this field.

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