My perception of business research

How did the information in this unit change your thinking about perception of business research? In what ways was this information familiar, and in what ways was it foreign? Discuss ways these ideas could be applied to questions or dilemmas you are facing at your current employment, at your own business venture, or within your personal life. Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.


Paradigm Shift

At first glance of the word perception of business research, the student would think of a researcher reading books in a library searching for a particular problem. The unit sheds light on research approaches which include worldviews, designs, and methods. Qualitative and mixed research methods cause a paradigm shift in the student’s thoughts since the idea of verbal-dependent and ethnography-based research with unstructured reports would have been written off as queer.

Concept Familiarity

All the research methods were familiar to the student, primarily questionnaires, interviews, and observation since these methods have been used severally in data collection. The quantitative and qualitative research design was the most familiar of the three research design techniques due to the student’s scientific background. The thought of mixed perception of business research design would not have crossed the student’s mind because of the exposure to a binary view of thinking in terms of research execution. One would have to settle on either qualitative or quantitative, but not both.


Perception of business research

Business decisions are inherently riddled with uncertainties; hence they need to be more calculated and backed up by research trends. A pragmatic worldview is probably the savviest philosophical worldview due to the nature of the business environment. This, therefore, calls for a mixed research design that would combine the behavioral pattern of consumerism and numerical financials of a business’ performance from the past to give a projection of future trend of both whilst considering the consequence of each business decision.

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