Discuss how the story of the Nephilim (6.1-4) fits into the larger narrative.

Who Are the Nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4)? | Colin D Smith

Choose one of the following considerations for your Initial Discussion post. 
1) Consider and discuss how the two accounts of creation are different, and what
difference the differences make.
2) Discuss the story of Noah and his family. What does  it mean for Noah to be
“blameless in his generation” (6.9), and what is the nature of the sin that results in
Canaan’s punishment.
3) Discuss how the story of the Nephilim story (6.1-4) fits into the larger narrative.
4) How does the story of the binding of Isaac (22.1-19) develop themes introduced
earlier, or how it brings in new themes.
Your Initial Discussion post must be a minimum of 250 words long for you to receive
credit.  Also, you must include at least 2 quotes from the text ( the assigned reading
from the Bible) for you to receive any points as well. Your quotes must be cited
correctly, i.e. provide chapter and verse at the end of your quote.   Your writing must be
correct. So, do proofread your work before you submit it.  This means that you must use
correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  You must punctuate your quoted material
correctly.  Your initial post is due Wednesday night before midnight to receive credit.  If
your initial post is late, you will not receive points for it  Your initial post is worth 50
You also have a response post due every week.  In your response post, you will
respond to a fellow classmate’s post.  You can add to the information, or add your
perspective to the information given. If you are merely telling your classmate that he

or she made great comments, you must state why you think so.  ( I.E., just saying
that something is great without explaining why is just fluff, not real content). And
if you disagree with the interpretation of your classmate, you must offer a courteous
rebuttal and/or explanation of why.  COURTESY is the key here.  Also, your response
post must contain a quote from the text AND a quote from the student.  Your
response post must be at least 125 words long to receive credit.  Also, you must
identify, by name, to whom you are responding as I do not grade your posts in a
thread, so I do not ‘see’ to whom you are responding.  Your response post is worth 25
points and is due Friday night before midnight.
So, to reiterate in brief: Initial post- to get ANY credit, A) must be submitted by
Wednesday before midnight,  B) must be a minimum of 250 words long, C) must
contain at least 2 quotes from the text. Nephilim story
Response post- to get ANY credit, A) must be submitted by Friday before
midnight, B) must be a minimum of 125 words long, C) must contain a both a quote
from the student writer and a quote from the text, and D) you must identify to whom you
are responding.
Of course, since this is a 200  level college class, I will expect you to use diction that is
appropriate for college level discourse: correct grammar, spelling, mechanics, diction (
i.e. no texting lingo or slang or inappropriate language).

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