Write an Executive Summary For Project Management

Executive Summary

This research project aims the solution for the ever-present possibilities of potential risks in a
business. According to the project management institute, explaining the risk management plan’s
content, the research targets a suitable approach for everyday business risk elements. The
project’s primary objective is to come up with the best risk management plan for this company.

How to Write an Executive Summary (Best Format) - ProjectManager

Failure to carry out this noble task, the uncontrolled company’s risk handling methods can
contribute to its total crackdown. Like tracking company goods and management, several
deliverables will be considered in the project to help realize the overall objective. This project’s
outcome will be to develop the best risk management plan and register, which will help the
company stem the expected business risks. Secondly, it will include identifying and assessing
potential risks that the business may encounter; the frequency of planning during the entire
project. The project will require the absolute participation and full support of the primary
stakeholders of the company. It will also need the cooperation of the external business
stakeholders, contributing to its management. In this project, financial support is vital. Many
risks are expected to arise during this project, such as the project’s scope, funds, etc. However,
strategic responses are in place for combating them. The executive summary project will require ($10,000) to carry
out the necessary assessments and research to meet the project objective for the best management
plan for the company risks. This amount will support the materials that are needed and the
personnel that will be incorporated. The project’s duration will be twelve months from the onset
to the comprehensive report with the risk management plan and the risk register clearly outlined.
However, there will be quarterly monitoring of the project’s progress to realize the main

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