How can you personally incorporate the frameworks into your everyday life to enhance the core capabilities?

Legal Aspects Of Emergency Services Management Unit II Discussion Board Question

Each one of us is a key partner in our communities. We all have ways to contribute to or support the key mission areas of the U.S. National Planning framework (prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery). 
How can you personally incorporate the frameworks into your everyday life to enhance the core capabilities?
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Unit II Discussion Board

            The National Planning Frameworks define disaster preparedness and management through community involvement with the aim of achieving the National Preparedness Goal. The goal anchors the entire idea of implementing the National Preparedness System. Each of the five preparedness missions has a specific framework for implementation. The prevention framework addresses the immediate threats and describes the most suitable actions to be taken once the threat is detected. It encompasses the entire community and the senior government leadership. According to the framework, an imminent threat is any operational information or intelligence that warns of a specific, credible, and impending terrorist attack or ongoing attack against the United States (Wilson, 2019). The framework helps achieve the National Preparedness Goal of a resilient and secure country optimally prepared to avert an imminent attack against the United States. develop a competency framework

Develop a competency framework

            The protection develop a competency framework describes the method of community safeguarding against threats, hazards, acts of terrorism, and natural disasters. The processes described and the guiding principles provide a unified approach adaptable to specific mission requirements, activities, sectors, and jurisdictions. The mitigation framework alienates the benefits of disaster preparedness through risk assessment and actions to address them. The National Response Framework (NRF) provides guidelines to be followed by the nation in responding to all emergencies and disasters (Wilson, 2019). The National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) provides effective recovery response support to all impacted states, tribes, territorial, and local jurisdictions.

            The future of any disaster occurring is not easily determined. Some may occur abruptly without any expectation. Through the U.S. National Planning Frameworks, everyone understands the importance of always being prepared for the unexpected. Life is full of surprises, and as such, we should all have an emergency plan that helps evade or recover from any disaster in our lives.


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