Type 2 Diabetes

Subject: Nutrition

Paper details:

Perform a short article analysis by following these steps:

Choose one of the articles linked below OR visit the CDC website https://www.cdc.gov/ to find an article on any disease that is affected by nutrition such as: Cancer; diabetes; rickets; scurvy; anemia; eating disorders; childhood obesity; heart disease.

First, briefly summarize the article, then analyze the author’s main points

Are they thorough and complete, or is the reader left wanting more details?
Are they data-driven or speculative?
Are they consistent with what you’ve learned so far in class, or do they depart from the mainstream?
Are they presented in layman’s terms, or does the author use a lot of medical/scientific jargon?)
And finally, contextualize the article’s message within the bigger picture of Nutrition as a science. Ways to “contextualize” include:

Commenting on whether experts have been researching and writing about the topic for many years or whether it is a new trend
Describing whether the topic is controversial or if experts seem to generally agree
Mentioning how much attention (publicity and/or funding) this topic receives
Commenting on whether the general public is typically knowledgeable about the topic or whether it is a niche/specialty within the field of Nutrition.
This part may only be a few (2-3) sentences. Use key concepts you have learned from the textbook this term. You may also use one additional (credible) resource if needed for context.

Your article analysis should be approximately 3-4 paragraphs. Be sure to follow proper APA style in the use of in-text citations and provide References page entries for any sources used. Post your ROUGH DRAFT here for instructor and peer review. Provide two classmates with substantive feedback. You will use your peer’s and instructor’s feedback to revise your article analysis and submit the final draft next week.

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