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Subject: Music

Type of paper: Essay

Paper details:

LeRoi Jones (or Amiri Baraka) wrote Blues People in 1963. According to your own reading of “Swing—From Verb to Noun,” answer the following two questions:
1. What does Jones mean by a “blues stance” or “blues attitude”?
2. Going from blues to jazz/swing is like moving from a verb to a noun. What does Jones mean by this phrase “from verb to noun”?

Reading responses are marked like this:

100% Exciting! You followed the prompt and did the assignment very well. I can tell that you did the reading and thought deeply about it. Good writing and editing. Thanks for the effort!

90% Nice job. You chose a clear issue in the reading, and you have done some good thinking around this issue. You may have missed an aspect of the prompt, or your writing may need more editing.

80% More effort is needed. The issue that you write about is not clear. You need to give more attention to the prompt and the reading. Your writing needs much more editing work.

70% Bummer. You have misunderstood the prompt and the reading. There are significant problems with the writing, both in terms of content and grammar. The length of the writing is not sufficient.

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