Drug therapies: thyroid disorders

Drug therapies to treat thyroid disorders

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original Topic DOES NOT NEED A RESPONSE, only need to reply to (2) peers response. Each reply should have a minimum of 50 words and have 1 reference in APA format. Original Topic: You work for a pharmaceutical company where you are assigned the task of creating new drug therapies to treat thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroidism (high levels of T3 and T4) and hypothyroidism (low levels of T3 and T4). Your team has designed a few drugs, and your job is to identify which drug(s) would be successful in treating thyroid disorders based on your knowledge of thyroid hormone synthesis. Below is the list of drugs your team designed (all of these are hypothetical drugs).

[1] Explain the pathway and negative feedback loop involved in thyroid hormone production beginning with the hypothalamus.

[2] What factors can cause hyperthyroidism? What factors can cause hypothyroidism.

[3] Identify the drug(s) that would be successful in treating hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Explain why and how they would be successful.

Peroxidine: A drug that inhibits thyroid peroxidase from functioning

Cimigine: A drug that inhibits potassium/iodine cotransporter

Iodimine: A drug that inhibits iodinase from functioning

Aldosine: A drug that inhibits production of angiotensinogen from the liver

Aldoramine: A drug that inhibits sodium/iodine cotransporter

Thyromine: A drug that stimulates thyroglobulin production

 Drug therapies to treat thyroid disorders
Drug therapies to treat thyroid disorders


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