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This assignment is a 7-8 page (double-spaced) public policy advocacy paper on topic of your choice. This research paper will: (1) demonstrate that a nationally significant problem exists, (2) isolate the causes which operate to perpetuate the problem in the present system, and (3) provide a viable alternative designed to eliminate the causes and thereby alleviate the problem. To satisfy the burden of proof within each of these three policy stock issues (harms, inherency, solvency), you will need to find evidence to support your central claims. In developing your manuscript, please note the following:

Select a single proposition that advocates a change in the status quo to address a nationally significant problem. “Sample Policy Topics” are provided below. You may choose one of the sample topics provided or you many choose any other policy claim that interests you.
Provide outside evidence (data) to support the claims you make within each major stock issue. (Remember, a claim without evidence is an assertion, not an argument).
Consult a variety of credible sources when researching your manuscript. You should cite a minimum of 6 different sources.
Provide a complete bibliography of all sources cited in the body of your manuscript that follows MLA or APA style.
Your writing should be free of grammatical, mechanical, and spelling errors.
Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, standard 1-inch margins, and standard double spacing throughout your manuscript.

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